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Fashion Trend: The Millennial Pink

From baby pink, hot pink to magenta. Now the Millennial Pink has taken the spotlight. Is this really the new millennial color?

The Millennial Pink, also known as the Tumbler Pink, is a pink without blue tones, and very similar to the Rose Quartz color.

Many of the Generation-X people tend to dislike the name Millennial Pink. Some say it’s just a “rebranded” dusty rose color.

Some say the Millennial Pink is just a rebranded dusty rose color. Share this Tweet

The Dusty Rose which has been around since the 70’s, if not earlier, became very popular in the 90’s.

Throughout the years, the color pink in general has been an on and off trend. But the past few months the Millennial Pink has been blowing up on the social media.

On the Runway…

PHOTO: WhoWhatWear.com.au


On Celebrities…

PHOTO: NotionMagazine.com


On Fashion Bloggers…

PHOTO: PinkSole.com


On my Mom… (early 80’s)

Genara Denis Jewelry…

“The Royal Love” Bracelet // Rose Quartz // Carnelian // 14kt Gold Filled


What’s your favorite Millennial Pink outfit?


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  • Helen Bellart

    I like you blog. I invite you to see my new collection in https://www.helenbellart.com/blog-1 hope do you like it 😉

    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you so much. I will definitely go check out your blog!

  • Justine Mfulama

    Oh I love this trend. Pink is one of my favorite colors, even if I’m not always sure how to style it in clothes. Will have to go shopping soon I guess 😉

    • I love this pink matched with a pair of light jeans. And I probably will do some shopping soon as well.

  • Helen Bellart

    Thank you very much dear Marienne ???

  • Elegant Duchess

    This is a lovely post Hun! Pink is such a darling colour whatever the shade and I wear it a lot while on holiday. I even introduced a bit of pink to my office fashion! This trend is not going anywhere this Fall/Winter! Thank you for sharing! You mum looks fabulous – great photo from the 80’s and that posing!!

    • Thank you! I think you’re right, this trend will stay a while.

  • Mercy T Babs

    I especially love baby pink. As I have been wearing that lately. Great post. Thanks

    • Thank you. Baby pink is definitely a fun shade.

  • Margot Carmichael

    What a gorgeous website!! And I love the picture of your Mom – so nice when bloggers share bits of themselves and their lives like that!! You made me want to put on something pink pronto!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Margot, thank you so much.
      And you should definitely get something pink. It’s such a fun color.

  • Heh. I had a flatmate wearing something similar. She was the only person in the neighborhood to wear so much pink.

    • Hi Alexander, LOL! I guess she must really like pink then. Personally don’t wear pink often as not all pink shades suit me well, but I do love me some dusty rose.

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