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Introducing: The Coral Reef Bracelet

Spend time by the ocean to connect with the salty seawater and awaken your creative energy.

I remember selecting Larimar from the crystal oracle cards, and immediately felt surrounded by this serene feeling. Larimar, also known as the Stefilia stone, is a light blue gemstone originating from the Caribbean. It’s a great calming stone, that enhances communication and reduces stress.

Larimar is a great calming stone. It surrounds you with a serene feeling. share this tweet

The Coral Reef bracelet is approximately 9 inches long, and consists of 14kt gold filled wire and components. The semi-precious Larimar stones are combined with orange Agate round beads which helps to lift depression, enhances courage and strength.

Tip: Match The Coral Reef bracelet with The Terra Orb threader earrings.

The Coral Reef bracelet and The Terra Orb threader earrings are sold separately, but can most definitely be worn as a set.

What occasion would you wear The Coral Reef bracelet to?


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  • Kristi McAllister

    Oohhh. Now that’s beautiful! I don’t know much about stones, but I have a few of them. I would wear this to a dinner party! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kristi, thank you, I’m happy you like it.

  • Muideen Bola

    those are lovely bracelet, i do beleive bracelets are meant for ladies so i dont have much interest in them

    • Hi Muideen, thank you. This bracelet is indeed for women, however I also make for men.

  • Oh, this one with the orange stones! 🙂 lovely color and good work again!

  • bet ax

    realy this articl its best one i have read at this day

    • Hi Bet Ax, that is so nice of you. Thank you.

  • LengLeng Demirkol

    My girls and I can wear it to the beach ❤️

    • Hi LengLeng, that’s totally awesome! It’s great for meditating near seawater.

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