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Let’s Talk Gemstone: The Ammonite Fossil

Ammonites are fossils of the extinct Cephalopoda Ammonoidea; water creatures resembling the octopus but with shorter arms.

The name Ammonite comes from the Egyptian God called Ammon; who looked like a man with ram horns that were similarly shaped as the Ammonite fossils.

In earlier centuries Ammonites were used in medicine to help with fertility, snake bites and lessen birthing pains.
Meditating with these fossils of the base and solar plexus chakra, can assist with processing change and help you transition from the old to the new.

Ammonite fossils are also useful for personal growth and past-life recalls.

The modern day version of the Ammonite is the Nautilus.

Ammonite fossils help you transition from the old to the new. #gemstones share this tweet

Have you ever meditated with an Ammonite fossil? How did you experience this?


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    Wow your writing is very informative and I came to know about this things first in my life.. Thank u…

    • Thank you Jagriti. I love to wear and create fun jewelry with them. They are great for meditation and spiritual/emotional healing.

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