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Introducing: The Sun after the Rain Bracelet

This beautiful handmade Genara Denis Jewelry bracelet with its gorgeous detailed signature knitted wire-work is approximately 9 inches long and consists of 14kt gold filled wires and components, 8mm round Opalite beads, and a rough piece of Smokey Quartz Crystal.

Smokey (Smoky) Quartz Crystal, the Birthstone of Scorpios and Capricorns, is an excellent grounding stone. This gemstone of the Base- and Solar Plexus Chakra is also known as the Stone of Psychic Protection as it protects the wearer from negativity and creates a serene and peaceful ambiance in return.

Smokey Quartz protects the wearer from negativity share this tweet

In addition, the Smokey Quartz dissolves cramps, strengthens the back and tends to be effective for ailments of the abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, hips and legs.

Fun Fact: Smokey Quartz is a National Gem of Scotland.

Opalite is a man-made iridescent synthetic glass also known as the Tiffany Stone. A highly energetic gemstone of the Third Eye Chakra, which makes it ideal for meditation.
On a spiritual level Opalite enhances psychic abilities, stabilizes mood swings, and helps with emotional transitions. Physically it can help to purify the blood and kidneys.

“Release blocks for yourself (and Mother Nature)
& enhance the feeling of joy”

I tend to link Opalite with the colors of the rainbow. Thus the name The Sun after the Rain. Not only do rainbows allow you to lighten up, feel happier and more alive, they are also known to connect you to your creativity.

Rainbows are known to connect you to your creativity share this tweet

What is your go-to gemstone to meditate with?


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  • Geetha Krishna

    Gorgeous Bracelet. How to shop this?

    • Hi Geetha, thank you so much! I’m still working on an official online shop. Several pieces are sold, but feel free to checkout what I currently have available on https://www.genaradenis.com/shop

      Also remember to check back, there are more jewelry pieces in the making.

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