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Mom Knows Best: Goodbye Training Wheels

A few years ago I taught my son how to ride his bicycle without training wheels, and within just a day. (On a side note; He’s now already 9 and definitely in need of a new bicycle, as he clearly outgrew his current one.)

In the meantime my daughter still hadn’t learned how to ride her bicycle without training wheels.
Maybe it was a lack of patience on my part, as she was a bit scared to fall. But mostly I just didn’t take the extra time to properly teach her how-to.
So today I decided to make time and start to teach her from scratch.

“For a child to learn, you must first teach how”

We started by removing the training wheels and just let her practice balancing on her bicycle while moving forward.

(When teaching my son, I had actually removed the pedals as well, so they wouldn’t be in the way, while he was balancing.)

Next I showed her how to firmly hold the handlebar and how to place her foot on the pedal.
As she started cycling, I continued to remind her not to look down, but to look ahead. And most importantly, not to be afraid of falling.

After falling a couple of times and being just fine, she was riding her bicycle all by herself, without training wheels.

“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.” – Maya Watson

It went so well that she even started a race against her brother. They had so much fun and I was (and still am) a proud mom!

The less fun part of it all was that my daughter didn’t want to stop riding her bicycle and go home.

How did you experience teaching your child how to ride his/her bicycle?


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