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Behind the Scenes: First Time at Passionistas Pop-Up Fair

The past few months I’ve attended a few markets. But as most of those markets were not necessarily handcraft related, it didn’t always draw in prospective customers for the craft and handmade niche. Even so, these markets are always fun to attend and provide great opportunities to introduce your small business to the visitors.

There aren’t many craft fairs held on this tiny island, but for handcraft vendors “The Passionistas Pop-Up Fair” is the fair to participate in.

The Passionistas Pop-Up Fair is the fair to attend! #curacao Click To Tweet

The 6th edition of the Passionistas Pop-Up Fair took place past Sunday September 3rd. And I can positively say that I can’t wait to participate in the 7th edition.

Not only was this fair super well organized, promoted and communicated, I actually felt Genara Denis Jewelry fitted within this group of handmade and homemade vendors.

“Passionistas Pop-Up Fair is for everyone who supports the philosophy Handmade and Homemade with Love”

– Evita Sanches

The crowd who visited this fair had a different but very positive mindset. These visitors understood the value of the handcraft business, and were ready to purchase what they liked.

A “Thank You” goes out to Ms. Evita Sanches for organizing such a wonderful event for all who are passionate about creating, supporting and purchasing handmade and homemade.

What was the best fair you ever visited or participated in?


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  • Ashutosh Singh

    Nice Crafting. I love to see more your designs.
    Nice one

    • Thank you Ashutosh! Feel free to check out my FB page/IG @genaradenis (Genara Denis Jewelry)

  • Tiara Johnson

    I love pop up fairs and pop up shops! I always find the best stuff. Your designs are beautiful.

    • Hi Tiara,
      Thank you so much! There is more to come. In the meantime feel free to check out Genara Denis Jewelry on FB & IG.

  • Emma McKay

    Congratulations on a successful show! Your designs are beautiful, I’m sure you made lots of people smile seeing them πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Emma! It really is the best feeling having happy customers, and seeing them wearing a jewelry piece you created with love.

  • Oh nice. How did the event go? People liked your work?

    • Hi Alexander, it was lots of fun and quite successful! I can’t wait to attend more of those.

  • Yvette

    Beautiful pieces! And you displayed each one very well where it complimented the piece without taking away from it. Recently went to a bazaar looking for gifts for the holiday season. I enjoy shopping the individual ‘shops’ and supporting our local artists!

    • Hi Yvette, Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear you like the jewelry and setup.

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