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New Trend Alert: Fashion Yellow

Have you noticed that all the citrusy colors are becoming a trend this summer? Primrose yellow, mustard and lemon colors are popping up on various fashion blogs.

Photo Credit: The Chryselle Factor Photo Credit: The Chryselle Factor

Photo Credit: The Dolls Factory
Photo Credit: District Vy
Photo Credit: District Vy

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that there are plenty of people who wear yellow toned colors throughout the year. And I’m also aware that yellow was already slowly trending in spring. But currently it’s everywhere on the social media.

Is it a mere coincidence

or a rising trend?

Yellow is one of those colors that although bright and fun with its summery vibe, it’s not a color you would often see me wearing. Personally it’s just not my favorite color. But when I do decide to wear a yellow top or shorts, I’d rather go with the mustard yellow as I feel it compliments my melanin skin tone much better.

By now you know that Genara Denis Jewelry is located on a beautiful tropical island called Curaçao. A worthy #ILiveWhereYouVacation location in the Dutch Caribbean, where it’s summer ALL YEAR LONG!

With that being said, I haven’t really noticed a certain color trend blooming here on the island. Usually the US trend moves with a small delay of a couple of weeks towards the Caribbean. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing yellow colored outfits on the store mannequins very soon.

The first bracelet I made for Genara Denis Jewelry was the The Golden Nectar. A 14kt gold filled knitted wire bracelet with round yellow mountain jade beads and a graduated ammonite fossil.

The Golden Nectar • Genara Denis Jewelry
The Golden Nectar • Genara Denis Jewelry

Not only does The Golden Nectar bracelet and its beautiful dark yellow color fit right in with this ‘rising’ trend, this combination of semi precious stones is perfect to enhance wisdom, happiness, energy, spiritual growth and it even assists with past-life recalls.

What do you think about this YELLOW fashion trend? Is it a YAY or a NAY? Would you add a yellow item to your wardrobe? If YES, What would this be?


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