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Sunday Funday Beachday

On Sundays my family and I usually go to church, visit other relatives, go to the occasional birthday parties or just go somewhere where the kids can play and have fun. But when we don’t have any specific plans, it’s also nice to just enjoy the weather and go to the beach.

You know the saying…

I live where you vacation

…Yes! That is my reality. It’s all palm trees, sunshine and white sandy beaches.
Being funny
Having fun
Although, if I’m honest, too much sun is not my thing either. So as soon as we arrive at the beach I always look for a spot in the shades and start by laying down on a beach chair and just relax. The kids love to play in the sand, but usually immidiately go in the water with my husband. By then I usually have my camera ready to take pictures.
Tell me about your favorite beachday?

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