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My Son’s Asthma

My son was diagnosed with asthma when he was first hospitalized due to having, what we later learned was, an asthma attack.
At that time, he was barely one year old. It started with a cold, lots of coughing and fever.

The worst part was seeing him having a hard time breathing

As a parent, you feel so helpless, and there is so little you can do, but to leave your child in the hands of medical doctors.
Now, eight years later, I must say he doesn’t need his medication, unless he gets a cold and the coughing starts. So during the rainy days I always pack his asthma medications on the bottom part of his lunch bag, to take with him to school.
Asthma meds

Children often do outgrow their asthma

I pray he will outgrow his asthma in the very near future. In the meantime my family and I do our best to prevent any signs of a cold within our household, so it doesn’t trigger my son’s asthma.
But even so, if a cold decides to stick around, there is no stopping it.
Please share how you handle and/or try to prevent your child’s asthma symptoms?

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