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My Kindergartner with her own Toy Makeup

If you have been browsing through my recently new blog, you may have noticed that I love makeup, and that I am against animal testing. Therefore my makeup is always cruelty-free.
Last Christmas my daughter asked Santa for makeup. Which made total sense. I always notice her sitting quietly paying close attention while I put on my own makeup.
My daughter is only 4 (turning 5 this month), so naturally my first thought was, that it would be inappropriate and bad parenting to let her have her own makeup.
Little did I know that actually there are various of toy makeup kits for kids her age. Then I thought, well why not?

While applying eyeshadow

While applying eyeshadow

First thing this mommy did, after my little kindergartner opened her very first makeup kit, was explain to her that her makeup was made especially for kids. Just so that she understands not to use any of mommy’s bold colorful makeup. That she is only 4 years old and that it is not appropriate to wear it when we leave the house. Further more, that she is already very pretty and doesn’t need to wear any makeup. But that it is alright for her to play and experiment with her makeup at home during playtime.
Her version of a clown

Her version of a clown

my daughter
Share your thoughts about makeup kits for (small) kids. What age would you consider appropriate to let your daughter experiment with makeup?

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