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Mom Thoughts: 3 Back-to-School Essentials for the First Day of School

“Six weeks! I had an entire 6 weeks to buy all the required school items and materials for my kids.”

This was me a few days ago, when I realized school was about to start in less than a week and I still had to purchase a few school items.
How did this happen?

Well, we didn’t go on vacation, but hey #ILiveWhereYouVacation so we certainly had lots of fun. My husband and I went on several outings with our kids; play grounds, beach, movies, beach, amusement areas, beach, library, and yeah did I mention the beach?!

But in all seriousness, those weeks went by like that!
I’ve just been (and still am) so busy with setting up my handmade jewelry line. And we all know that being busy makes the days fly by, like crazy fast!

Although I did eventually manage to buy all the required school items and materials, the first day of school is usually centered around introduction based activities. The kids will most likely be doing some writing, drawing and/or coloring, and not to forget eat at some point.

1st Day of School is usually centered around introduction based activities Click To Tweet

So here are my top 3 Back-to-School Essentials for the First Day of School.

1. BACKPACK, Lunch Bag & Snacks

When it comes to choosing a backpack (with lunch bag), my kids are free to choose their favorite, but it needs to be at an affordable price range, and of great quality to last the entire school year.


I don’t know how you all feel about this, but I find the overall pricing for school planners a bit high. Lucky for me, I only need one for my son. My daughter is just starting first grade, so she doesn’t need one, yet.


I would suggest a large case to hold all the utensils for writing, drawing and coloring in one place.

What “First Day of School” essentials would you add to this top 3?


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