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How I switched from classroom drop off to drop off at the school’s parking lot

My little kindergartner loves it when I drop her off at school.
We have this little routine where she gives me a hug in front of her class room, puts her backpack in the cubby, then blows me a kiss and waves goodbye.

“I like circle time and school drop-off. And I like that I have kids still willing to hold my hand.” – Christine Taylor

As much as I enjoy this moment, I know the time will come when she won’t want her mom to walk her to her classroom, let alone hug her in front of her classmates.

My oldest who’s already a fifth grader, always gives me a hug in the car, and by the time my daughter and I get out of the car, he’s already gone.

So with my youngest, I want to prepare her for this upcoming change. But mostly I want to prepare myself, especially now that we are just months away from her officially becoming a first grader.

These past few days I started to drop her off at the school gate entrance, so that she would walk to her classroom by herself. Today I dropped her off at the schools parking lot. But stayed just long enough to make sure she got inside the school gates.

How do you perform the drop-off at school?


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