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Her First Hair Salon Experience

I clearly remember those pictures of me as a toddler with barely any hair. Not that I was bald, but I had extremely short curly hair. I sort of looked like a boy…but a cute little boy!
With all jokes aside; it was like my hair had seized to grow.

Lucky for me, that all changed once I hit age 5. My hair started to grow with speed. Not so lucky for my mom, who daily had to untangle all those curls, which would make me look like Diana Ross with a big long afro, before restyling it back to my adorable curls.

“It’s more than just hair, it’s an attitude!”

The same seems to be happening with my daughter. Since she was a baby, I couldn’t wait for her to wear those cute little bows, ribbons, hair pins and whatnot. But there was barely any hair to tie a hairband.

Now that she is 5 years old, I realize how much her hair has grown, especially when it’s wet.

Living in the tropics exposes your hair to a lot of sun and salty beach water. Which logically, even with proper TLC for your hair, it eventually does dry out and damage your hair, leading to split ends.

On Mother’s Day, out of all other days, was my daughter’s first hair salon experience at the newly opened, Salvador Express Kids salon. Here she got a professional hair wash, hair cut for her split ends and finished with a flat twist hair style.

Hair wash

I normally cringe at the thought of going to a new hair salon, because most are only specialized in Caucasian hair.

At Salvador, not only do they also treat native-indian African curly hair, but they appeared to be kid friendly as well, with a couple of toy cars as seats and built-in tablets at almost every station. Which I found to be extremely handy for children to view their favorite cartoon/animation film while getting their hair done. Most attentive was the ‘first haircut’ certificate that my daughter received at the end with some snippets of her hair attached.

Hair snips



“Keep calm and be curly”

The following morning I forgot she had PE in school, so I quickly put her hair in a high ponytail to create a flat twist updo.
To keep her hair thick and healthy, I’ve been using Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. A hair moisturizer that contains shea butter, with no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens and of which states that the product is not tested on animals.
However kindly note that I am not 100% certain that the entire brand is cruelty-free.


What are your favorite memories of your child(ren)s first hair cut?


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