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What to Consider for your First Outdoor Craft Market

You know the feeling you get when you prepare for your first craft market; the stress, fear, nervousness, anxiousness and excitement all bundled up in one.
Replaying a possible setup over and over in your mind on how to display (and sell) those precious items you created with so much love; what kind of table cloth to use, and in what color, how to display your items, where to put your signage? But then only to change it again on the actual day.
Sounds familiar?

Well, I had my first outdoor market a few weeks ago, and I must admit the setup looked even better than I had imagined. Although I didn’t have a lot of items, I feared I wouldn’t finish on time, but I did. People started showing up and I felt like a natural. It was so much fun!

Unfortunately there was also a downside that almost ruined the wonderful mood I was in. I didn’t take into consideration that it could occasionally get somewhat windy at outdoor markets.
I’m talking about displays and signage constantly falling over.

“You learn from your mistakes”

For my second outdoor markt, I was much better prepared for this possibility, and made sure to secure items that could easily fly around or fall over.

However I have to say, that even so, there’s always that person who accidentally bumps into your wooden signage, making it fall hard onto the ground that it even gets damaged.
That certainly was a “Whoooozaaaah” moment! But hey, it’s all good! It’s still a learning process of how and where to place your displays and signage best.

Craft markets can be exhausting! But if you are having fun while selling and creating awareness for your handmade business, it’s totally worth it!

What’s your unforgettable first craft market experience? 



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