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Another Year Older

My babygirl, who’s clearly no longer a baby, just had her 5th birthday a couple of days ago. Unfortunately we were not able to throw her a big birthday party this year. Instead she was allowed to invite some friends to go to a movie theater. Although no party, it still gave her a birthday feeling.
We started celebrating by singing happy birthday around the birthday cake. I know what you’re thinking; Not exactly the right order!
But since we were taking the kids out, we would have to carry the birthday cake around. And to be very honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to that. So we just decided to do it a little different this year.

What’s a birthday without a cake?

Before going to the movie theater, we made a stop at the bowling alley first. All the kids had a blast. It was first time bowling for most of the kids, as was it for my daughter. But my little birthday girl actually did pretty well for her first time ever at bowling.
Kids bowling
Daughter bowling
After a full hour of fun bowling time, we made our next stop at the movie theater where we went to watch Zootopia.
Halfway through the movie, it started to get a bit scary for the little ones, but overall it was a huge success.
Zootopia poster
Have you ever celebrated your child’s birthday, other than throwing him/her a birthday party?

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