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Mom Thoughts: 5 Easy Steps to prepare your child’s Classroom Birthday Treats

We all know children get excited once their birthday is near. What child doesn’t want a party? Receive gifts? And isn’t it cool to get older? As a child, even if you don’t have a party, you know you’ll get spoiled on your birthday. The spotlight will be on you the entire day.

“There are 364 days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only 1 for birthday presents.” – Lewis Carroll

When your child’s birthday falls on a school day it is only natural to bring treats for the entire classroom and teacher(s). Although it’s not mandatory, you as a parent don’t want your child to feel left out by being the only kid in the classroom not to bring treats on his or her birthday.

But what if you, for whatever reason, find yourself having to do this all at the last minute? With no time to do anything fancy? Then these 5 easy steps might come in handy:

1. Know the number of students in your child’s classroom.

Just imagine delivering treats to school and only to find out you didn’t bring enough. How can there be 28 children? There were 25 at the beginning of the school year!

It’s not uncommon for the amount of students to increase during the school year. Not having enough treats for the entire classroom, is not only embarrassing (especially for your child), but also awkward for the teacher who is left with this problem.

True, you can always bring a few extra. Better safe, than sorry! But it’s also not necessary to exceed the amount than actually is needed. To prevent all of this, just make sure to confirm the amount of students with your child’s classroom teacher in advance.


2. Buy loot bags of choice.

When you simply don’t have time to be creative and make the cutest treats, than loot bags are the next best option. They are easy to come by, and you simply fill them up with delicious treats. No creative skills required. Loot bags come in various colors, so plenty of options. If your child has a themed party, you may want to choose the same theme for the loot bags as well. Just easier I guess. But make sure the loot bags are the correct size to fit the treats.


3. Set a minimum of items per loot bag.

It depends on how big the treats are, but for me an average of 5 items per loot bag is ideal. You want the loot bags to appear full, but not too full that items just fall out. In this case, you don’t have time to bake or whip up something yourself. So then your next stop is a supermarket where you have plenty of options of items to buy for in the loot bags. Naturally you can choose very healthy snacks, but you don’t want kids to comment that they don’t like this or that. So instead of only healthy treats, try to mix it up a bit, with some sweets and some fruits etc. Although definitely not a must, I do recommend to purchase small wholesale packs, if possible. It’s easier and you get a better price at a larger quantity.


4. Fill up the loot bags.

Although this is the easy part, don’t wait until the morning of your child’s birthday to quickly fill up the bags, as there won’t be time for this. You may want to do this the evening before, at the latest. However I would suggest at least a day or two in advance. And I’m almost certain your child will be more than happy to help you out with this. Just make sure each bag contains the same items. When you’re all done. Just do another count to make sure you have the right amount. Then pack it all up in a large bag or box and store it near your child’s backpack. So you’re sure not to leave it behind in the morning.


5. Deliver the treats to your child’s classroom.

Your child most likely will need help taking these all the way to the classroom. Therefore make sure to schedule a bit extra time for drop-off that morning to help carry these to your child’s classroom and hand them over to the classroom teacher.

That’s it! Your part, as a parent, to make it a happy start for your child’s birthday is all set.

Happy child, is happy parent!


Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you had to prepare birthday treats at the last minute? How did you handle this?



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